Dental Veneers in Jupiter

Veneers are conservative restorations that cover the front surface of a tooth. While they can improve function, most of the time veneers are used to enhance the appearance of a patient's smile. Veneers can drastically improve teeth that are misshapen, chipped, discolored, or rotated. Veneers can be made of ceramic or composite material and typically require multiple appointments to complete.

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At your first Seaside visit, Dr. Paré will take a digital impression of your teeth, as well as photos. From there, a dental laboratory will expertly sculpt an idealized model of your mouth. This model will be the basis for your temporary and final veneers. During your next visit, your teeth are prepared by the dentist to make room to place the veneers over them.

Dental Veneers in Jupiter Dental Veneers in Jupiter

Once completed, a second digital impression is taken of the prepared teeth, which will be sent to the same lab and combined with the idealized model to craft your final veneers. You will have temporary veneers placed over your teeth until the final ones are ready. At a subsequent visit, our doctor will remove the temporary veneers and bond the final versions into place. Now, your teeth are restored to optimal shape and function, and your smile will be greatly improved!

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