Teeth Whitening in Jupiter

Teeth Whitening in Jupiter

A bright white smile can drastically boost your self-confidence! Your smile is one of the first physical attributes someone will notice, making white teeth important for both social and professional settings. At Seaside Dentistry, Dr. Paré offers two types of whitening options for her patients, which can be used independently or in combination for maximum results.

In-Office Whitening

We are able to offer an easy in-house whitening service for our patients. This is completed by using a professional-grade bleaching agent that is highly effective. It's delivered in sequential applications, after isolating your gum tissue and all other soft tissues. With this option, a patient is able to safely obtain a whiter smile, up to eight shades whiter, within one hour. Patients are able to enjoy Netflix and other smart TV services, as well as free WiFi, while they whiten. If you have an upcoming event, such as an interview, presentation, or wedding, this is a great option to obtain a whiter smile instantaneously!

At-Home Whitening with Custom Trays:

It's important to have a whitening maintenance program you follow at home as stains are inevitable. Certain beverages and foods will increase the likelihood of staining, such as coffee, red wine, and some berries. Additionally, as we age, our protective enamel thins, and our teeth become more susceptible to staining, giving our teeth more of a yellow appearance.

We offer custom-made whitening kits for our patients. With this option, you're able to whiten in the comfort of your own home and as frequently as you would like. This treatment is not only stronger than in-store products, but it’s also designed to fit your specific smile for the most even and effective results, without damage to your gum tissues.